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COVID-19 and food: resource list

This page is a collection of resources related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and the food system.

In the FCRN Research Library

Modernising Meat Production Will Help Us Avoid Pandemics - Opinion piece by Liz Specht of the Good Food Institute (13 March 2020)

Coronavirus and food: a reading list by Feedback (19 March 2020)

Ethics in our food response to COVID-19 - Blog post by the Food Ethics Council (19 March 2020)

Coronavirus: Tim Lang calls for food rationing (23 March 2020)

COVID-19 and food: addressing threats, creating opportunities - Blog post by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (23 March 2020)

COVID-19 reminds us that our food system might kill us - Blog post by the University of Oslo’s Centre for Development and the Environment (24 March 2020) 

Is factory farming to blame for coronavirus? - Article by the Guardian (28 March 2020)

Low-hanging Fruit For COVID Stimulus And Decarbonisation: Bipartisan Opportunities In Energy, Agriculture, And Infrastructure​ - Report by The Breakthrough Institute (14 April 2020)

Podcast: UK food supply, COVID-19 and the environment - Podcast by the Green Alliance featuring Prof Tim Lang (14 April 2020)

Feeding The Nation: How Nature Friendly Farmers Are Responding To Covid-19 - Report by the Nature Friendly Farming Network (16 April 2020)

Shared learning resources for COVID-19 and food systems - Resource list by Damian Maye of the University of Gloucestershire (20 April 2020)

A Global Food System Is a Less Vulnerable System - Blog from The Breakthrough Institute (20 April 2020)

Covid-19 has forced large-scale farms that supply institutions to dump produce they can’t sell. Why can’t it just feed hungry people? We’ve got answers - News article by The Counter (27 April 2020)

Summary: FoodTalks - From emergency to recovery - Event summary by the Food Ethics Council (28 April 2020)

Economic Recovery for Rural Communities and Agricultural Sustainability: Funding Maintenance and Facility Upgrades for Agricultural Research Infrastructure - Report by The Breakthrough Institute (29 April 2020)

Who makes food policy in England? - Report and guidance note by the Food Research Collaboration (5 May 2020)

Sustainable Healthy Diets and Covid 19: Building Back Better Food Systems - Blog post by Mark Driscoll (6 May 2020) 

Nature and food systems in the post-COVID-19 world - Blog post by Laura Higham (8 May 2020)

Foresight4Food resources: COVID-19, food and rural poverty (10 May 2020)

'Chaotic and crazy': meat plants around the world struggle with virus outbreaks - News article by the Guardian (11 May 2020)

Federal Support for Alternative Protein for Economic Recovery and Climate Mitigation - Report by The Breakthrough Institute (12 May 2020)

Stimulus through Farm Conservation Programmes - Report by The Breakthrough Institute (19 May 2020)

Wuhan officially bans eating wild animals - News report (21 May 2020)

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Food Systems and COVID-19: Emerging Evidence - Report by the  Food and Land Use Coalition (22 May 2020)

5 things we’ve learned about hosting an event during a pandemic - Blog post by Ruth Richardson of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food (25 May 2020)

Emerging zoonotic diseases originating in mammals: a systematic review of effects of anthropogenic land‐use change - Journal article by Rebekah White and Orly Razgour (2 June 2020)

Shortening Supply Chains: Roads to Regional Resilience - Report by the Soil Association (2 June 2020)

175% increase in UK emergency food parcel distribution - Press release from the Independent Food Aid Network (3 June 2020)

Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security and Nutrition - Report by the United Nations (9 June 2020)

Topical collection: Agriculture, food and COVID-19 - Collection of 70 articles in the journal Agriculture and Human Values

The role of ecosystems in mitigation and management of Covid-19 and other zoonoses

Reducing UK emissions: 2020 Progress Report to Parliament - Report from the UK's Committee on Climate Change, including impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic (25 June 2020)

Accelerating economic recovery through agricultural innovation - Report by the Breakthrough Institute (29 June 2020)

Preventing the next pandemic: Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain of transmission - Report by the United Nations Environment Programme (6 July 2020)

The UK’s National Food Strategy - Part One (July 2020)


Elsewhere on the web

COVID-19 resources for small chocolate businesses - a living document by the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute

Coronavirus Food Systems Media Articles and Other - a living document by Vanessa García Polanco of Michigan State University

Coronavirus: advice for farmers and growers by the UK's Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

The impact of Coronavirus on food behaviours and attitudes - Results from an online survey of 4343 adults in Great Britain conducted on 7th-9th April by YouGov Plc

How has Covid-19 changed our eating habits? - Results of a poll by Hubbub

Restaurants and Partners Innovating to Survive During the Coronavirus - Article by The Spoon

Five ways to support our farmers in the time of Covid-19 - Blog post by Vicki Hird of Sustain

Covid-19 and the food sector - Collection of resource from the Sustainable Food Trust

Scotland eases salmon farming regulations in light of COVID-19 - Article from Undercurrent News (26 March 2020)

The UK Food System in the time of COVID-19 - Blog post from Discover Society (30 March 2020)

COVID-19 Stimulus: Bailout for corporate agribusiness or a lifeline for our food system? - Article from FoodTank (April 2020)

While the west fixates on Covid-19, vulnerable countries pay the price - Guardian article (3 May 2020)

The world’s food system has so far weathered the challenge of COVID-19 - but things could still go awry - Article from The Economist (9 May 2020)

What does more environmental damage: eating meat from the wild or a factory farm? - Guardian article (26 May 2020)

Jane Goodall: humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after COVID-19 - Article from The Guardian (3 June 2020)


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