Knowledge for better food systems

Current projects

The FCRN carries out integrative research into food systems and sustainability. By identifying emerging or controversial issues of concern and differing perspectives among stakeholders, we help to shape the wider agenda on food systems sustainability, within communities of research, policy and practice.

A collaborative project to define usable metrics for assessing food industry progress in delivering sustainable and healthy diets.

Plating Up Progress is a collaborative project of FCRN and the Food Foundation.  We aim to bridge the gaps between investors, businesses and policy-makers so that food businesses are incentivised to be pro-active and transparent in their roles to advance the transition to sustainable and healthy food systems and diets.  In our first phase of work we are focusing on retailers, caterers and restaurants because they are the gatekeepers to the food we eat and the channel through which most commercially produced food is funneled.  Our analysis has identified a number of gaps in companies' reporting and targets, especially concerning dietary shifts, and we are proposing a set of metrics to fill those gaps, and a collaboration with investors to advance their uptake and track their progress.