Knowledge for better food systems

The Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning programme (IFSTAL) community for post-graduate students at 5 UK university institutions

2 Dec 2017

The Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning programme (IFSTAL) is a new learning community freely available to all post-graduate students studying at the five participating institutions. Led by the University of Oxford, and jointly delivered across City University-London, the University of Reading, the University of Warwick and the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health (itself a collaboration between SOAS, LSHTM and the RVC), IFSTAL looks at the entire food system and its sustainability (in the broadest sense). Operating mostly through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), it will also have live lectures, a summer-school and post-graduation internship opportunities.

IFSTAL’s aim is to support the development of systems thinking and workplace skills through consideration of food systems, its challenges and possible interventions. This will allow for both generalizable learning to be had on systems thinking, as well as enabling participants with disciplinary specialisms to place their specialist knowledge in a wider food systems context.

If you are a post-graduate at any of the institutions mentioned above, please join IFSTAL by looking up IFSTAL on your local VLE (blackboard/moodle/weblearn). If you are someone from an organisation (based in any country) keen to recruit ‘food systems savvy’ graduates and are interested in getting involved, please contact Bex. For more information about IFSTAL please visit their website.