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Environmental burdens from animals used in field operations

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Dear all

I'm working on a LCA in India, where labour required for field operations is largely supplied by human or animal power. I had a look to different papers but none of them is attributing enteric emissions from animals to agricultural products. PAS 2050 explicitly excludes “animals providing transport” from the boundaries of the system.

What do you think? Have you come across any methodology to attribute environmental Burdens to animals used in agriculture?



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Well it will fall on the transportation process, if the emissions will be used will not hurt or will not abuse the animals i think it would be alright to use some for agriculture and they must have a regulation on it. Transportation is an important part of agricultural system, if there's no transportation of products how can they get their ROI and create more products for exporting and importing.

Emelia Ingram, Head Ops
BR International Logistics Transportation Services