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2018 issues of Fodder

Fodder: 11 April 2018

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In this week's issue:  Cultured meat: state of the art and future – cultured meat, also known as in vitro, clean, lab-grown or synthetic meat, is meat grown as muscle tissue in the laboratory. This paper reviews the state of cultured meat technology, analyses social concerns and examines some of the issues that start-ups in the industry face.


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Fodder: 28 March 2018

In this week's Fodder:

Articles: Pursuing a low meat diet to improve both health and sustainability: How can we use the frames that shape our meals? – Pesticides could be much more toxic than previously thought, thanks to adjuvants

Reports: A good life and a good death - re-localising farm animal slaughter — Study on the environmental impact of palm oil consumption and on existing sustainability standards

Books: Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction, 2nd Edition — Everyday lifestyles and sustainability: The environmental impact of doing the same things differently

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Fodder: 22 March 2018

In this week's newsletter:

Journal articles: Just conservation: What is it and should we pursue it? — Mitigation potential of soil carbon management overestimated by neglecting N2O emissions

Reports: Action on sustainable diets (food service) — The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare 2017 report

Books: Agricultural adaptation to climate change in Africa - Food security in a changing environment —  Pig tales: An omnivore's quest for sustainable meat

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Fodder: 14 March 2018

This week in Fodder:

Articles: How effective are messages and their characteristics in changing behavioural intentions to substitute plant-based foods for red meat? The mediating role of prior beliefs — Crop intensification, land use, and on-farm energy-use efficiency during the worldwide spread of the green revolution — National contributions to climate change mitigation from agriculture: allocating a global target

Reports: Future Nordic diets: Exploring ways for sustainably feeding the Nordics

Books: Toward sustainable relations between agriculture and the city — Handbook of international food and agricultural policies - Volume I: Policies for agricultural markets and rural economic activity

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Fodder: 7 March 2018

In this week's roundup of news:

Research articles: Impacts of soil carbon sequestration on life cycle greenhouse gas emissions in Midwestern USA beef finishing systems – Conservatism predicts lapses from vegetarian/vegan diets to meat consumption (through lower social justice concerns and social support) – Tracking the global footprint of fisheries Risky returns: The implications of financialisation in the food system

Reports: Climate change & food systems: Assessing impacts and opportunities – FDF's environmental ambition: Progress report 2017 – Livestock solutions for climate change

Books: Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food – Everyday experts: how people’s knowledge can transform the food system – Meat makes people powerful: a global history of the modern era

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Fodder: 28 February 2018

This week in the newsletter:

Research articles: Personality and attitudinal correlates of meat consumption: Results of two representative German samples – A key debate: the impact on diets and greenhouse gas emissions of eliminating animals from US agriculture – How well do plant based alternatives fare nutritionally compared to cow’s milk?

Reports: Soil carbon and land use in Scotland – Farmers talk food waste: supermarkets’ role in crop waste on UK farms

Books: Handbook of research on social marketing and its influence on animal origin food product consumption – Sustainable food systems from agriculture to industry: Improving production and processing – The real cost of cheap food, Second Edition

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Fodder: 21 February 2018

This week in Fodder:

Journal articles: Feed conversion efficiency in aquaculture: do we measure it correctly? — A key debate: how valid are findings that local species richness is stable or increasing? — Dairy calves are natural optimists or pessimists, just like us — Food safety challenges and One Health within Europe

Reports: Land degradation and the Sustainable Development Goals: Threats and potential remedies — The challenge of agricultural pollution: Evidence from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines

News: British food system in a ‘vulnerable’ state, Lords committee hears — What can we expect for food, drink and agriculture policy in 2018? — Your “grass-fed” milk may actually not be, but a new technology could change that

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Fodder: 15 February 2018

In this week's Fodder:

Research Articles:  A good life for all within planetary boundaries — Legal and administrative feasibility of a federal junk food and sugar-sweetened beverage tax to improve diet — Land-use strategies to balance livestock production, biodiversity conservation and carbon storage in Yucatán, Mexico

Reports: Negative emission technologies - What role in meeting Paris Agreement targets? — The circularity gap report — Information sheet: China’s agricultural transition in 2017 - policies, actions and progress

Books: Food and Cooking Skills Education: Why teach people how to cook? — It’s a jungle out there – the strange animals of economic organisation in agri-food value chains

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Fodder: 7 February 2018

In Fodder today:

Research articles: Eco-modernisation, epistemic lock-in, and the barriers to greening aviation and ruminant farming — A model for ‘sustainable’ US beef production

Reports: The feed behind our food

News: BBC World Service - The Why Factor - Vegans — Ikea latest retailer to announce chicken welfare standards — Thanks to Trump, more US milk will be coming from robots


Fodder: 2 February 2018

In this week's edition:

Journal articles: Why is meat so important in Western history and culture? A genealogical critique of biophysical and political-economic explanations — The rise of aquaculture by-products: increasing food production, value, and sustainability through strategic utilisation — Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of geoengineering

Reports: Towards a European food and nutrition policy — What’s on the table? Mitigating agricultural emissions while achieving food security

News: Throwing a more sustainable shrimp on the barbie — Cultured fish company Finless Foods aims to achieve price parity with bluefin tuna by the end of 2019

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