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Carbon Insetting for coffee protection

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Are you a coffee producer, coffee seller, carbon offset seller or organisation in the coffee supply chain?
Are you experiencing climate changes, which are affecting coffee growth or the incidence of pests?
 I am undertaking research into the ways to protect coffee through incentives for shade tree planting for an MSc forestry, and would be very grateful if you could participate in our 5 minute survey:
I will be happy to share the research findings with you, and hope to make a summary publicly available.
kind regards
Charles Henderson, MSc student

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Coffee supply chain management is very important because coffee seed is sensitive to the climate when it grows. The coffee bean travels through many processes in the supply chain system, from harvesting it to final customers. Key players are important to a coffee supply chain such as manufacturers or roasters. Supply chain is very dynamic and complex so it needs to be planned carefully. A supply chain is composed of many factors such as competition, price and market.

Emelia Ingram, Marketing
BR International Supply Chain Consultants Company