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Urban food logistics and climate change

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Hi everyone,

IUFN is working to gather evidence on the relationship between food, climate change and urban issues. Indeed, if the interactions between food systems and climate change have been studied in the last few years, specific urban-related challenges are, to our knowledge, a somewhat less studied area.

One particular topic that calls our attention is urban food logisitics.

Urban areas particularly rely on their ability to bring in food from their hinterlands (these being the local area or the other side of the world). Food logisitics is therefore key to feeding the urban population. However, it is particularly difficult to gather evidence on the way this sector is preparing to climate change.

Would any of you know research or interesting experiences that have taken place to either curb urban food logistics-related emissions or adapt existing food logistical activities to climate change? We are looking for evidence from either OECD or BRIC countries.

Many thanks for your help!




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Hi Albane,

I recently came across this article by Wygonik and Goodchild (2012) that you might find relevant. They examined GHG reductions associated with subsituting private vehicle trips with home delivery for groceries. 

You can find the article here:

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Hi Albane,

there is this network in the UK  Brighton & Hove, Cardiff, Plymouth and the London Borough of Lambeth were the first places in the UK to be awarded Sustainable Food City status.

and 10 european cities in this network May 2012 to April 2015 here



Eve K.

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Hi Albane,

Just wondered if you were aware of 'Growing Underground' ( who are trying to do exactly what you are looking at by growing the crop in unused space in the heart of London, namely the disused deep shelters left over from WWII.



Rebecca Ward

Research Associate Cambridge University Engineering Department

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Hi Albane,

Further to Rebecca's comment I have done some work looking at Growing Underground's potential impact on food value chains (although I would need their agreement to share some of the more specific details with you).

Rick Manlove

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Hi everyone,

thanks for your prompt replies to my post!

Thanks Eugene for the article, very interesting!

Regarding the Growing Underground project, if you have any data regarding its CO2 emissions abatement potential, I'd be happy to read about it!

Feel free to share any other information on the topic of food logistics and GHG emissions, as it looks like this is a somewhat under-researched area!



Albane GASPARD - International Urban Food Network

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Well logistics is very important especially to a food system. In order to feed the urban they really need to have better process and system because if they dont have good system the population will suffer. They need to plan a good supply chain also in order for the food supplies to be processed and to be regulated well. When there is a climate change of course the food system is affected.

Emelia Ingram, Logistics Marketing
BR International Value Added Logistics