Tyndall Centre reports on carbon labelling

Two reports written by researchers at the Tyndall Centre Manchester and Manchester Business School, and funded by the University of Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) were published in late 2008.

The first, Carbon Labelling: Public Perceptions of the Debate, is a review that forms part of a wider SCI study of the public perceptions of carbon labelling. It provides an overview of (mainly UK) corporate and agency activity on carbon labelling, up to mid-2008 and then discusses the controversies associated with carbon labelling. The the latter is based on market research into public perceptions of carbon labelling undertaken by Tesco Plc, Boots Plc and others together with focus groups held with with the public.

The second report, Carbon Labelling Controversies: Focus groups sets out in detail the results of the focus groups and provides a more detailed analysis of the findings.

Finally, Tyndall Manchester has also produced a short DVD on carbon labelling, with the sustainability communications firm Creative Concern, to help explain the topic and elicit opinion in the focus groups. This can be viewed here.

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Tyndall carbon label report
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