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Prizes: Agropolis Fondation Louis Malassis international scientific prize for agriculture and food, and Olam Prize for innovation in food security

28 Feb 2019

The Agropolis Fondation has opened applications for the following prizes.

  • The Agropolis Fondation Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize, which has three categories:
  • The Young Promising Scientist Prize (€5,000 cash prize and a €15,000 worth of scientific mobility grant) is awarded to a junior scientist with at least five years of professional experience
  • The Distinguished Scientist Prize (€20,000 cash prize) is given to a senior scientist with at least 15 years of professional experience
  • The Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development (€20,000 cash prize) is handed to someone whose professional career is devoted to agricultural development, be it in the field of agriculture and food research, innovation, capacity building, development or policy.
  • The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security (US$75,000), which recognises an innovative scientific research project for its potential impact on the availability, affordability, accessibility or adequacy of food.

For more details, see here. The deadline is 28 Feb 2019.