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Job listings

Below is a listing of current vacancies in relevant spheres of interest that we have been made aware of. However, please check with the listing provider to to make sure that all application deadline dates are current and correct.

If you have an opportunity that you like us to include on the website, please complete the form HERE.

1 month 1 week

The Centre for Regional Studies at Karlstad University, Sweden, has a vacancy for a postdoctoral researcher in regional...

4 days 23 hours

The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition has a vacancy for a policy research officer to collate, analyse and help to...

2 days 23 hours

The FCRN is hiring a part-time websites manager to optimise, maintain and support the development of both the FCRN and the...

3 days 23 hours

The Eating Better alliance is advertising a part-time job as campaign and office coordinator for its London office. Candidates should have...

4 weeks 23 hours

The Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University, Denmark, has several vacancies for scientific positions...

5 days 23 hours

Full Harvest, which connects food and drinks companies with farms to buy surplus and imperfect produce, is hiring for three vacancies: