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Call for papers: Special issue of journal 'Sustainability' on governance for climate smart agriculture

30 May 2018

A special issue of Sustainability will be devoted to the topic of governance for climate smart agriculture. FCRN member Professor Jonathan Verschuuren at Tilburg University, Netherlands is guest editor of this issue.  The special issue will focus on a wide range of governance issues related to these questions from a multidisciplinary perspective, including, but not limited to, law, economics, business administration, policy, public administration, sociology and psychology.

The editor writes: 'Despite the widespread endorsement of sustainable climate smart farming practices and technologies by the scientific community, it seems unlikely that the entire agricultural sector across the world will convert from conventional to climate smart agriculture anytime soon. Therefore, the broad adoption of climate smart agriculture now has primarily become a governance issue. What interventions are needed to stimulate farmers and agri-businesses to move to climate smart practices and technologies, and how can consumers be steered towards climate smart food consumption?'

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 May 2018. Further information can be found here