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Call for papers: Agri-Food Markets towards Sustainable Patterns - Trends, Drivers and Challenges

30 Sep 2020

The journal Sustainability is inviting manuscript submissions for a special issue, “Agri-Food Markets towards Sustainable Patterns: Trends, Drivers and Challenges”. Papers can focus on the following topics:

  • “Green” changes in consumer demand
  • Sustainability and innovation along the agri-food chains (ecopreneurship; vertical integration and horizontal alliances; farming associations)
  • Efficiency and inclusiveness of sustainable agri-food systems (agri-ecology and organic farming; small producers; safeguarding of natural and cultural heritage; relationship between food, gastronomy and territory; neolocalism; alternative agri-food networks)
  • Interaction between the agri-food market and agri-environmental policies
  • Market regulation instruments (public policies and national and international governance; impact of specific free trade agreements and trade tariffs; food sovereignty)
  • Tools to prevent risks that may jeopardise agri-food markets.

Read more here. The deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 September 2020.