Knowledge for better food systems

FCRN Summer blog recap

Since many of you might have missed some of the blog-posts we published during the summer, we wanted to take the opportunity to do a brief recap this week. We saw contributions to the blog-series on a range of different topics, but a recurring theme has been sustainability dimensions in food innovation; novel techniques and products.

The summer blogs started off with a post about Genome editing technique: CRISPR-Cas9 and its role in agriculture by FCRN associate Jessica Finch.

We then had Afton Halloran’s blog describing her research into the sustainability of insect farming: Improving the environmental sustainability of insect farming.

We re-posted Tim Hess’s blog-post (originally published on the Global Food Security programme website) in which he wrote about The global avocado crisis and resilience in the UK’s fresh fruit and vegetable supply system

Next up was Haley Schwartz who took on the ethical dimensions and marketing strategies of companies working on plant-based meat in her post The role of plant-based, meatless meats in sustainable diets.

August saw a re-posting of a blog-post by FCRN’s Tara Garnett Plating up solutions: Knowledge for better food systems, originally written for the Women’s Environment Network. In this post she describes some of the current problems facing the global food system, as well as ways of tackling them. She discusses the FCRN’s approach to working with complex and contested research questions and different actors with diverse perspectives.

At the end of the summer we concluded with a piece by Elin Röös in which she discussed the dilemmas facing many consumers  who want to choose the ‘right’, less environmentally harmful meat  – in it, Elin discussed her work in creating The Swedish Meat Guide – multidisciplinary research that reached society.

The FCRN’s blog-series aims to encourage more personal reflections on new ideas, debates and research and we would welcome and encourage all of you to contribute. If you’d like to write a blog for us, please get in touch  to pitch a topic.