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Member snapshot series: Silvana Juri

Uruguayan graphic designer Silvana Juri recently completed a Masters in Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton. Her interests include exploiting design-thinking to tackle societal and environmental issues linked to diets. Her work has been focused on harnessing collaboration and experimental participation to foster engagement and facilitate discussions around the need to shift towards sustainable food habits. She has developed a workshop called The Green Pudding which amalgamates her theoretical and creative approach towards behaviour change.

Her bilingual thesis called Comestible discusses the intersections between Food + Design + Sustainability and offers these tools and materials for other researchers, designers, and educators to use and adapt. Her particular interest in the sociocultural dimension of food and commensality is evidenced by The Pudding Timeline, an infographic that aims at making these ideas accessible for a wider audience. She is keen on collaborating with multidisciplinary projects and facilitate her materials for others to use.

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