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Member snapshot series: Afton Halloran

Afton Halloran is a GREEiNSECT and Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada doctoral fellow. Her research is a part of the ‘GREEiNSECT: Insects for Green Economy’ research project which is comprised of public and private institutions investigating how insects can be utilized for food and feed in Kenya. With a background in agricultural development Afton’s Ph.D. research focuses on small- and medium-scale cricket farming in western Kenya and northeastern Thailand. More specifically, she has been analysing the environmental impacts associated with cricket farming, the impact of cricket farming on rural livelihoods and the barriers to adoption of insect farming in rural communities. She enjoys field work and working with smallholders. Prior to conducting her postdoctoral research, Afton worked as a consultant and intern at the FAO in Rome. She holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems from University of British Columbia and a MSc in Agricultural Development at the University of Copenhagen.

You can get in touch with Afton via member messaging here.