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Examples of research projects from CEE countries

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At the FCRN we are very curious to see what research on different aspects of sustainable food systems that is being carried out in different Central and Eastern European countries.

We know that it migth be problematic to find relevant information by searching in English, so we hope that by having you as researchers (and maybe representatives from others sectors) comment below, this initaitive can highlight projects that might otherwise be difficult to find for researchers in the rest of Europe (and globally). We have already heard from some of you in personal exchanges that there are a number of projects out there that we were not aware of, so do take the opportunity to showcase the work here.

If you want, you can also highlight collaborative projects that you know of between the 'East and the West', and maybe reflect on what you see as the main challenges for creating more collaborations between these regions within academia more generally, or what you think should be the focus of such collaborations in the area of sustainable food and agriculture. 

See also Dana's questions (and the answers that followed) in the first forum post.