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Organizing at COP

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Is your organization sending someone to the next COP? If you’re planning an event related to animal food consumption or sustainable diets more broadly, use this space to solicit and coordinate partnerships from other organizations; make plans for meeting up at COP. 

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This overview of acitivites relating to food and agriculture at COP23 in Bonn has been prepared by Erin Biehl at Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, who is also a representative of the Food and Climate Coalition. Do share your comments on other relevant activities you know of by adding a new comment below (note that you need to be a registered member to post). 

Click to download: Guide to COP23 Food & Agriculture Events

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Thanks for posting Marie!

To all who download this - Please note that the "Food and climate strategies - Networking & planning session" will be held in ENGO Room # 5, (not #7, as it is listed).

- Erin