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2018 issues of Fodder

Fodder: 15 February 2018

In this week's Fodder:

Research Articles:  A good life for all within planetary boundaries — Legal and administrative feasibility of a federal junk food and sugar-sweetened beverage tax to improve diet — Land-use strategies to balance livestock production, biodiversity conservation and carbon storage in Yucatán, Mexico

Reports: Negative emission technologies - What role in meeting Paris Agreement targets? — The circularity gap report — Information sheet: China’s agricultural transition in 2017 - policies, actions and progress

Books: Food and Cooking Skills Education: Why teach people how to cook? — It’s a jungle out there – the strange animals of economic organisation in agri-food value chains

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Fodder: 7 February 2018

In Fodder today:

Research articles: Eco-modernisation, epistemic lock-in, and the barriers to greening aviation and ruminant farming — A model for ‘sustainable’ US beef production

Reports: The feed behind our food

News: BBC World Service - The Why Factor - Vegans — Ikea latest retailer to announce chicken welfare standards — Thanks to Trump, more US milk will be coming from robots


Fodder: 2 February 2018

In this week's edition:

Journal articles: Why is meat so important in Western history and culture? A genealogical critique of biophysical and political-economic explanations — The rise of aquaculture by-products: increasing food production, value, and sustainability through strategic utilisation — Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of geoengineering

Reports: Towards a European food and nutrition policy — What’s on the table? Mitigating agricultural emissions while achieving food security

News: Throwing a more sustainable shrimp on the barbie — Cultured fish company Finless Foods aims to achieve price parity with bluefin tuna by the end of 2019

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Fodder: Blog post by Tom Kuehnel 31 January 2018

Solutions for the farm of the future. This post is written by Tom Kuehnel, FCRN member and Campaigns and Policy Officer for The Vegan Society. The Vegan Society is the oldest vegan organisation in the world; its founding members coined the term ‘vegan’ when it was founded in 1944. The Vegan Society works towards a vegan world for the benefit of animals, people, and the planet.

Fodder: 24 January 2018

In this week's Fodder:

Journal articles: Trade and the equitability of global food nutrient distribution — Achieving sustainable irrigation water withdrawals: global impacts on food security and land use

Reports: Report examines literature on the impacts of protein sources which are alternatives for meat — EU Agricultural outlook for the agricultural markets and income 2017-2030

Books: Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus

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Fodder: 17 January 2018

In this week's issue of Fodder:

Articles: Climate change mitigation opportunities based on carbon footprint estimates of dietary patterns in Peru – NGOs’ opposition to genome editing is rooted in scepticism about the framing of problems and solutions

Reports: Summary report on Eating Better workshop on climate impacts of pasture farming – The protein shift: will Europeans change their diet?

Books: Food and Nutrition Security in Southern African Cities – Megatrends in Food and Agriculture: Technology, Water Use and Nutrition

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Fodder: 11 January 2018

In the first issue of 2018:

Articles: Women in Agriculture: Four Myths — An assessment of the global impact of 21st century land use change on soil erosion —

Reports: Report by the Sustainable Food Trust estimates externalities of UK food consumption — Feedback for web-based tool for visualising future climate impacts on agricultural systems — BBC World Service radio programme ‘What’s wrong with eating meat?’

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