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Invitation: FCRN forum on sustainable food systems in Latin America – New round starting 13 October

The FCRN hosted its first round of discussions in our Latin American forum earlier this year and we are now following up with a new round of forum debates on a diverse set of topics. This time we have various experts introducing the different topics, providing background reading and assisting in moderating the discussions. Topics will include: Dietary guidelines: the integration of food and environment into dietary guidelines (the state of food policy developments in different countries); sustainable value chains; the role of grazing livestock in a sustainable food system; livestock productivity and deforestation; biodiversity and agroforestry; challenges and opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration.

In a summary (available both in English and Spanish) we present the translated main messages from the first round of discussions in English for the wider network. Our hope is that the forum will facilitate new interactions and collaborations and,  by translating the discussions, we hope this will give the whole FCRN community a sense of food sustainability-related priority issues, concerns and opportunities in Latin America.

We would appreciate your assistance in putting us in touch with people who might be interested in joining the forum (and who speak Spanish). Do please forward them this invitation; let us know too if you would like to propose another topic for discussion, if you want to introduce/facilitate on a certain topic or if you have any questions:

If you are already an FCRN member and want to sign up to get access to comment in this forum, you can get in touch via the email address above. If you are not a member, register to be part of the forum by clicking ‘Create new Latin America Forum account’ here.