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The FCRN is all about the conversations and about transmitting knowledge and ideas in ways that people understand and that encourage further exploration and debate. We have created this space to encourage more personal stories with a focus on new ideas, debates and collaborations. The blog-posts are written by people who wish to share something related to new research, reflections from conferences and events or just to highlight thoughts on new ideas and emerging topics of concern. We encourage all of you to contribute. Don't hesitate to get in touch to pitch a topic.

8 July 2016
Marie Persson

By FCRN's communications and network development officer Marie Persson (with thanks to Carlos Gonzales Fischer for input on forum topics and Sarah Najera for assistance with planning and execution of the forum) 

You can...

8 July 2016
Marie Persson

Por Marie Persson. Gracias a Carlos Gonzalez Fischer por sus sugerencias sobre los temas a tratar (y esta traducción) y a Sarah Najera por su colaboración con el planeamiento y la ejecución del foro. Pueden leer (y difundir) el...

5 July 2016
Tim Lang

In this blog-post FCRN member Tim Lang reflects on what Brexit means for the UK food system, sustainability and inequality; and he calls for the food movement to organise by highlighting priorities, tasks and areas of...

22 April 2016
Martin Persson

This blog-post from Martin Persson at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden takes on the timely question of how one should measure the climate impacts of different greenhouse gases.  He begins by explaining what the two most common metrics - Global Warming Potential (GWP) and the Global...

11 April 2016
Tara Garnett

A consortium aiming to understand local to global social, economic and environmental food system interactions - and to aid decision making

This blog-post is written by FCRN coordinator Tara Garnett who is part of a new global research collaboration; the ...

5 March 2016
Wendy Lu McGill

This week we are pleased to publish a first blog-post from Wendy Lu McGill who is a PhD researcher at the Plant and Agribiosciences  Research Centre (PABC) working with Prof. Charles Spillane and Dr. Peter McKeown at the National University of...

22 February 2016
Tim Hess

This blog-post is a follow up in our new series on water. This time, FCRN member Dr Tim Hess from Cranfield University, continues from where Brad Ridoutt left off in his post on...

7 February 2016
Brad Ridoutt

This blog is written by FCRN member Brad Ridoutt who is a Principal Research Scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency. He is an...

1 February 2016
Elin Roös

This post is written by FCRN collaborator Elin RöösElin is a postdoctoral researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences working for the ...

25 January 2016
Mike Hamm

This contribution to the FCRN blog series comes from FCRN member Professor Michael W. Hamm: Senior Fellow, at the Center for Regional Food Systems- Michigan State University.

Mike’s piece provides a short commentary on a...