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The FCRN is all about the conversations and about transmitting knowledge and ideas in ways that people understand and that encourage further exploration and debate. We have created this space to encourage more personal stories with a focus on new ideas, debates and collaborations. The blog-posts are written by people who wish to share something related to new research, reflections from conferences and events or just to highlight thoughts on new ideas and emerging topics of concern. We encourage all of you to contribute. Don't hesitate to get in touch to pitch a topic.

10 October 2017
Tara Garnett

Dear Sustainable Food Trust

Thanks for your response to our report.

I think many of your comments indicate that we share quite a bit of common ground, even though we have some differences.

Before replying to your points in detail, we thought it would be best...

3 October 2017
Tara Garnett

Beef gets a bad press, environmentally speaking. We’re bombarded with reports highlighting its ...

2 October 2017
Johan Rockström

The Role of Grazing Ruminants in the Anthropocene

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sets targets for ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. Food is central to achieving this ambitious agenda, as it lies at the heart of most of...

2 October 2017
Tim Benton

In the great debates about the future of food, there are many things people agree on – at least conceptually – healthy diets are expensive, cheaper diets are often unhealthy, the food system trades off agricultural efficiency against systemic efficiency, and the food system externalises too...

18 August 2017
Elin Roös

From evidence to recommendations

Recommending the ‘best’ meat or an alternative to meat is an inherently complex undertaking and includes having to reflect on trade-offs, personal values and ethical considerations. Still, from years of research on the environmental impacts from...

14 August 2017
Tara Garnett

Plating up solutions: Knowledge for better food systems

This is a reposting of a blog-post by FCRN’s Tara Garnett for the Women’s Environmental Network, 1st august 2017. We are reposting it with permission and the original post can be found...

27 July 2017
Haley Swartz

The two American companies are not the first to create innovative alternative proteins (known as APs, such as tofu), meat analogues, or imitation meat (e.g. veggie burgers, tofurkey). Other start-ups such as Memphis Meats and Mosa Meats are creating animal-based cell-cultured meats. But Beyond...

12 July 2017
Tim Hess

The FCRN is reposting this blog-post from the Global Food Security programme ...

23 May 2017
Afton Halloran

The results come at a critical point in time: companies and investors are hungry for data, and market analysts expect major growth in the insects for food and feed sector in the coming years. So far, only...

2 May 2017
Jess Finch

Potential applications and implications

CRISPR-Cas9 is a tool for very precisely engineering an organism’s genetic material (see the next section for a more detailed explanation). Thousands of research papers using CRISPR-Case9 to engineer different cells in many...