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Donate and support

We believe that support from a broad range of interest groups will help us maintain our objectivity and ensure that our work is balanced.

You can support the FCRN in different ways:

  • Write a blog post (send us your ideas here).
  • Spread the word and use our resources.
  • Give feedback, such as requesting coverage on specific topics. Some Masters courses are using Foodsource and we are happy to discuss how our resources can improved for educators or other users.
  • Provide a financial contribution. Our work, although free for all to use, costs money to produce. You can provide a personal gift (in many countries exempted from taxes) or get in touch if you want to discuss options to provide institutional funding to the FCRN.

The FCRN is committed to keeping all publications, knowledge resources and membership pages free for everyone to use. However, we need funds to support our core work and keep the network going. We are grateful for the generous support we receive from our funders.

If you value the work of the FCRN and feel able to make a donation we would be delighted.

Note that any donations will be channelled via the University of Oxford website and directed specifically to the FCRN.