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Announcement: FCRN’s founder receives prestigious award for research on sustainable food systems

Dr Tara Garnett will receive the 2015 Premio Daniel Carasso at a ceremony in Madrid today (17 September 2015) for her commitment to reducing the food system’s impact on the climate through research and dialogue.

As a researcher at the University of Oxford and Lead of the Food Climate Research Network, Tara Garnett undertakes interdisciplinary research on sustainable food systems at the intersection of environmental sustainability, public health and ethics. The prize recognises her work and commitment, including her thorough research on the food system’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, and on the potential that sustainable diets can play in reducing them.

The Carasso Foundation writes:

The second Premio Daniel Carasso has distinguished Tara Garnett, for her work with the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) and for her research on the adoption of sustainable diets. Tara Garnett was selected among candidates of very diverse scientific areas and countries, who all presented works of great quality.

Dr Tara Garnett on receiving the prize:

“Receiving this prize is a huge honour and I am absolutely delighted. The prize money will be used to help the FCRN expand, so that it can widen its reach and help engage more people in understanding and addressing the problems we face. In my 10 years working with the FCRN we have managed, despite scarce resources and a small staff team, to build a network of thousands of members from 70 different countries – that in itself attests to the importance of these issues. FCRN’s members and our wider network reflect a huge diversity of disciplines and expertise”.

She continues: “Our goal is to harness all these insights, so we can better understand the problems we face and the solutions that can help create a sustainable food future. I am proud to say that FCRN has become a trusted source of unbiased information, a ‘safe space’ for critical dialogue and a promoter of cross-sectoral, whole-systems approaches, helping to bridge perspectives on contested issues.”

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About Dr Tara Garnett

Tara is based at the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography at the University of Oxford and is a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School. She has worked on food issues for over 25 years, first in the NGO community and since 2005 within the academic sector. Her work centres on the interactions among food, climate, health and broader sustainability issues. She has a particular interest in livestock as a sector where many of these concerns converge. Tara also runs the Food Climate Research Network (below), which she set up in 2005.

About FCRN – Food Climate Research Network

The Food Climate Research Network is a global network of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues. FCRN aims to understand and tackle these issues with an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and whole-systems approach. Understanding, communicating and bridging perspectives are its core functions. FCRN provides accessible, policy relevant and integrative knowledge on food systems, and a safe neutral space for diverse stakeholders to engage in the contested food arena. FCRN’s vision is for a fair, healthy and ethical food system that sits within environmental limits.

About Premio Daniel Carasso

The Premio Daniel Carasso rewards and supports scientific research for sustainable food and diets. The food challenge – to feed some 10 billion people with all due respect for the planet and humankind – requires that research into sustainable food systems be intensified. Doing so, however, calls for a multipronged, cross-disciplinary approach that is not really workable or adapted to what is still a very compartmentalized context. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation has created the prize to highlight such an approach and its practitioners. The prize is awarded by the Foundation Daniel and Nina Carasso and bears the name of Daniel Carasso, founder of Danone France and Dannon Inc. in the USA.

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