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Supporters and our funding policy

We are committed to maintaining our impartial approach, to keeping our resources free for all to use – and importantly – to ensuring that the different perspectives on food sustainability issues are reflected in our work, just as it is in our membership.

This page provides details of the organisations who are currently providing support to FCRN for core, as opposed to project activities.  Project funders, and fees obtained from giving presentations to commercial organisations are not listed but are included in the full financial report which we will be publishing annually from 2016. You can read more about our funding policy, here.

If you would like to know more about our current and future planned activities, or wish to discuss the value to your organisation of supporting the FCRN, please contact Tara Garnett directly:

Our current supporters

What our members say

“As a professor at an Ivy League institution in the United States, I’m lucky to have access to a top-notch library, innumerable online information sources, and all kinds of expertise in food, agriculture, and the environment. But I rely on the FCRN more than most of them. It’s been immensely useful to my work.”

Susanne Freidberg, Professor and Chair Department of Geography Dartmouth College

“The make-up of the network – from a very wide stakeholder community including academics, businesses and NGOs provides an almost unique platform to discover new contacts, test ideas, and present and see new work.”

Vicki Hird, Senior Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

“FCRN is very complementary to “classic” sources of scientific information, as it is an efficient means to keep informed on topics emerging at the interface of science, society and public decision making”

Hayo van der Werf, PhD, senior researcher, INRA The French National Institute for Agricultural Research

“The thoughtful, timely and reliable summaries of evidence provided by FCRN are invaluable. The network has become influential in shaping policy debate for the better”

Dr Tom MacMillan, Director of Innovation, Soil association

“The Food Climate Research Network is one of the most valuable networks that I am aware of.  The breadth of important issues that affect the sustainability of the UK and wider that it covers and the high quality depth of its coverage is excellent.”

Dr Jason Beedell, Head of research, Smiths Gore

“…it has avoided simplistic, one sided characterisation of problems and solutions but instead promoted in depth and inclusive consideration of the complex and multifaceted nature of these problems and of their interactions.”

Andrew Dorward, Professor of Development Economics, CeDEP, SOAS, University of London

 “It has facilitated new connections between my research projects and others internationally and is providing an essential nexus service for my research team.”

Professor Anna Davies, Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning, Department of Geography Trinity College Dublin.

 “Of all the authoritative publications I read regularly to keep myself abreast of issues at the interface of agriculture and poverty, hunger, illness and environmental degradation, those of the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) are among the most important to my work and those of many of my colleagues. FCRN is exemplary in providing astutely-curated, policy-friendly, and evidence-based information and knowledge on these important topics.”

Susan MacMillan, Head Public Awareness at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

“…initiatives like The Food Climate Research Network are just what is needed to breach the gaps between academia, policy, civil society organizations and the general public.”

Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive Officer Compassion in world farming