Swedish National Food Administration advice on sustainable eating

Sweden’s National Food Administration (NFA) has published information on its website on how different types of food affect the environment. The environmental goals it considers in relation to food and its impacts are:

  • Reduced climate impact
  •  A non-toxic environment
  • A varied agricultural landscape
  • A rich diversity of plant and animal life
  • Zero eutrophication
  • Flourishing coastal areas and archipelagos

For information about the NFA see here - it has a similar role to the UK’s Food Standards Agency.

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Swedish National Food Administration advice on sustainable eatin

Dear all,

where can I find further information about the swedish goals and indicators of sustainable nutrition?

On a related website (http://www.miljomal.se/Environmental-Objectives-Portal/) I found only information about all environmental goals, but not the nutrition related one´s.



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